I initially became acquainted with Akila and his CCTV company in 2012 when I moved into a new House. On behalf of our HOA I sought & received bids from ten security camera and surveillance companies, of which Abiru Holdings’s proposal was the most thorough, transparent, and the lowest in price. However, we ultimately put the camera project on hold.

In Aug 2017, due to security incidents, we again sought bids for security cameras. I was pleased to find that after Five years, Owen’s company was still in business with the same name, address, phone # – while most of the other companies I received quotes from in 2012 were no longer around. Akila was glad to come back and give us another walk through, and this time we decided to move forward on the project with him.

Akila provided us detailed bids for both Hikvision Turbo HD and IP camera systems and was patient while we made our decision and accommodating re: our budget. We decided to go with a 08 Channel 2MP Turbo HD camera system, which in the first three days of operation captured in high resolution the repeat trespassers who’d repeatedly graffiti our back patio.

After the installation, Akila came back to our property several more times. Once to give a walk through of how the system works to one of our family members, & again to hook up our internet to remotely view the footage from desktop & phones.

The camera system works great. Cameras are well placed and the footage shows surprising detail. Our break-ins stopped immediately after the cameras went up. Akila answered all our questions and was professional, courteous, and accommodating throughout the proposal and installation process. As I have already worked with him for Six years on our camera project, I’m confident that he’ll still be around if we need service or assistance many years. Thanks Akila!!