Abiru ANTI THEFT ANTENNA SYSTEM AB-02B is designed for the anti-theft of your store(s). Highlight anti-shoplifting solutions are compatible with both original AM and RF products. Retailers can incorporate our innovate surveillance systemic and cost-effective EAS Solutions into their existing loss prevention (LP) programs.

Alarm EAS System for Clothes Sensor for eas Security System

Security Alarm EAS System RF Dual Gate Supermarket Antenna 8.2mhz EAS RF alarm system for high-grade garment stores

2.Dimensions: 1580*38*30mm

4.Material:Aluminum Alloy

5.Temperature range:0°c~45°c



158cm (h) * 3.8cm (w)*3cm(d)

Ideal environment

test distance:

1.4 meters ( RF label) 1.8 meters (Hard Tag)


1> DSP processing;

2> Control Noise Technic;

3> Can be use technica change frequency;

4> Very good sensitive, generally the machine will no Warning by mistake or missing the warning.

This product is new radiofrequency equipment, appearance brilliant new fashion ,excellent function ,specifically use for big garment store, supermarket, glossery, franchise house, drug store, multiple shop, convience store, etc.

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